Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle don't seem to be slowing down. There is a prediction that they will be engaged by the summer. The prediction is based on the fact that the two are spending a lot of time together. Meghan just returned home to Toronto after spending almost two months with the prince at Kensington Palace. She became so well known entering and leaving Prince Harry's two-bedroom apartment that security just waved her in as if she were a resident.

Another reason for the speculation is that June will be their first year anniversary of meeting and beginning to date.

The recent issue of Us Weekly gives details about Prince Harry and Meghan's journey during the first year of their romance.

Future for the couple

Even though sources predict the couple will be engaged by the summer, there are a lot of things that still must take place before the prince and his girlfriend become engaged. Meghan has met members of Harry's immediate family with one exception. She has not met the one who could make a difference as to whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan will ever get married.

According to a British law that is on the books, Queen Elizabeth Il must give approval for any marriage for the first six people in line for the throne. Prince Harry is fifth in line behind his father, brother, nephew, and niece.

Harry's grandmother has not met Meghan yet, but as of now she is said to approve of the actress' humanitarianism. Besides, the queen says she has never seen her grandson so happy.

'Suits' series

"Suits" will wrap up this summer for the seventh season. Sources say this might be Meghan's last season because she is considering giving up acting after the series ends this summer.

If that is the case, she will be free to move to London permanently. She fits in well there and has already taken some of her personal belongings to Prince Harry's apartment. She has added some plants and candles to spruce up the residence, and keeps the kitchen stocked with Harry's favorite foods, cooking for him and teaching him to cook basic meals.

Some might think the 35-year-old actress is in love with the 32-year-old prince just because he is royalty. That does not seem to be the case. They have a lot in common, especially when it comes to charities. In fact, they are thinking about combining what they do.

Prince Harry and Markle's charities

Harry co-founded the Sentebale charity to help children affected by AIDS, and he is quite passionate about the Invictus Games for wounded veterans. Markle serves as a global ambassador for World Vision and is an advocate for U.N. Women. In January, she traveled to India to get more information about the issues women are facing in the impoverished communities.

Do you think the couple will be engaged as soon as this summer? Read more in this week's issue of Us Weekly.