It looks like movies aren't the only form of entertainment getting a reboot because in 2018, a few TV shows will be coming back too! Remember that fun old home improvement show on TLC called "Trading Spaces?" It's coming back in 2018 and a lot of people are really excited to see the return of the show that made home improvement reality TV popular.

What once was old is new again

News that "Trading Spaces" is coming back to TV came right on the heels of Discovery's announcement that they are bringing back another favorite with "Cash Cab."

"Trading Spaces" return was announced at the Discovery Communications Upfront.

Nancy Daniels, president and general manager of TLC told an excited crowd, "This is a big one! I am excited to announce that TLC's most successful and most iconic series...'Trading Spaces' is coming back."

The original "Trading Spaces" ran on TLC from 2000-2008. The popular home makeover show was originally hosted by Alex McLeod but gained even more popularity when the perky Paige Davis took over after the first season.

The premise of 'Trading Spaces'

In case you missed "Trading Spaces" the first time around or forgot how TLC's popular home makeover show worked, here is the premise for the show. Neighbors would be selected for the show to redo a room in each other's home. With the help of the "Trading Spaces" a featured interior designer and a team of contractors who did much of the dirty work, the neighbors would completely redesign and redecorate a room inside the other's home.

Each neighbor is given a budget of $1000 and two days to complete the room transformation. The big kicker here is that the homeowner had no say over what was done inside their home and they don't even get clues about what is going on.

The suspense over whether the neighbors will be able to redesign a room for each other that the people living in the home enjoy is all part of the draw of "Trading Spaces.

" Usually, during the unveiling at the end, the neighbors love what the other did and it turns into a chorus of compliments as the details of the (hopeful) upgrade are shown off for the cameras. In a few wonderful twists, the neighbors hated what was done to their home and even were vocal about it, letting the designers know that they didn't appreciate the effort to upgrade their pad.

Will Paige Davis be back on 'Trading Spaces'?

It's no secret that Paige Davis was a huge part of the reason why "Trading Spaces" was so popular. Davis left the TLC hit in 2005 and the show remained without a host until 2008 when she returned for the final season. After the TLC hit went off the air, Paige continued to host and spent some time on "Home Made Simple" on OWN in 2011.

Whether Paige Davis comes back to "Trading Spaces" or not, there's no doubt that fans are excited to see the fun home makeover show back in TLC. Be sure to look out for announcements about the premiere date, which is coming in 2018.