The film "Gladiator" triumphed at the Academy Awards in 2001, where it won five gold-plated statuettes, including the ones for best film and best actor. Recently, the movie director Ridley Scott announced there would be a sequel of this movie. Taking into account what happened to Maximus, a gladiator played by Russell Crowe; everyone thought that was it. It had never crossed our minds that we would one day get to see the sequel of the story. And with Russell Crowe again!

Everyone enjoyed watching "Gladiator," the movie filled with combat, sweat, muscles and emotions.

It also helped the revival of the historical spectacle genre for later films, such as "Troy," "Alexander," "300" and "Kingdom of Heaven."

How? Just tell us How?!

Scott claims that he knows the way to bring Maximus back to life, but producers are quite skeptical about it. They feel there is no point in talking about this because of the way the original movie ended. However, no matter how bizarre the story sounds, many would be interested to see what could happen to gladiator Maximus.

On the other hand, since the first movie was filmed 17 years ago and Russel Crowe has changed a lot, we are also intrigued to see how the director plans to adjust the story with his new looks. Though Crowe is currently working on something else, Scott is not giving up easily.

He is doing his best to find and persuade the actor to join in on the project.

The first script for the sequel was rejected

According to the earlier announcements in media, Russell Crowe reportedly hired the legendary Nick Cave back in 2009 to write the screenplay for the sequel. The screenplay was not approved, and it is not known whether this story has anything to do with Scott’s project.

In the script, Maximus was revived by the Roman gods and returned to Rome to defend the Christians. After that, he traveled through time in the period of World War II, the Vietnam War and in the end, he finished as a general in the Pentagon. Fortunately, the script was rejected and the movie was not recorded since it is not in the spirit of the original movie and it would be very hard to watch a gladiator fighting in World War II! In any case, we are looking forward to seeing what Scott is actually up to.