The exciting augmented reality game "Pokemon Go" developed by Niantic, has begun to suffer once again a fall in popularity, due to the complaints and disenchantment of thousands of players who wait impatiently for the arrival of the much-announced update, which would take with it the prized Legendary Pokémon of the second Generation. For some time the players have been looking forward to the arrival of the Pokémon of the Johto region. However, according to reports associated to Niantic, it will be worth waiting for a little longer, because, with the arrival of these new creatures, new evolutions will come, which will keep users very busy and active.

Let’s see, new interesting information about the big upcoming updates and the arrival of the Legendary Pokemon.

What is coming with the upcoming Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon?

In Generation 2 there are different ways to evolve, the Kanto region is an example of this, there are certain Pokemon that requires a quantity of candy to achieve Evolution; however, some of these creatures need new special items for evolution. Some Pokemon that require this method for the evolutions of sweets are known (Crobat, Espeon, Umbreon, Hitmontop and Blissey). While Golbat only needs 100 candies for its evolution. Chansey Pokemon only requires 50 candy to evolve into Blissey.

Tyrogue’s evolution

It is good to take into account certain criteria of this Pokemon, Tyrogue is a type of Pokemon that requires hidden individual values (IVs), its higher IVs must be specifically HP to evolve in Hitmontop, attack to evolve in Hitmonlee and defense to evolve in Hitmonchan.

To calculate your IVs, you can test the IV ladies. The arrival of the second generation brought evolution through new special elements.

The Pokémon that need these interesting elements is (King's Rock for Politoed, Slowking, Sunstone for Sunossom, Sunflora, Upgrade for Porygon2, Dragon Scale for Kingdra, Metal Mantle for Pokemon Scizor and Steelix).

These elements can be acquired through PokéStops, although the drop rate is very low. To increase the odds, it is advisable to try to get a streak of seven day daily bonuses, however, the luck factor will be of much help.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.