Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval won't be having children anytime soon. In fact, judging by Monday night's new episode of "Vanderpump Rules," they won't be having kids at all. Although many fans have weighed in on the topic, claiming Madix will likely have a change of heart once she gets a bit older, Madix is making it perfectly clear on Twitter that she doesn't see a pregnancy in her future -- nor does she want to be hounded about the issue.

On Monday's show, Madix visited Lisa Vanderpump and her horse to do some riding, and during the ladies' outing, the topic of children came up.

However, while Vanderpump wasn't convinced that Madix would truly never be open to the idea of reproduction, she insisted that kids were gross and said she had no desire to be a mother.

Following the show, Ariana Madix told fans that she did not want to be sent any baby-related tweets. "Stop tweeting me about how you didn't want kids, and then you had one and omg you're so stoked," she wrote to her fans and followers, "or just stop tweeting me about babies at all."

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval live together in Los Angeles

After splitting from Kristen Doute during "Vanderpump Rules" season two, Sandoval began dating Madix and the pair quickly became exclusive. From there, as they continued to film "Vanderpump Rules" with their many co-stars, Madix and Sandoval began living together in Los Angeles, where they both work as bartenders at Lisa Vanderpump's hotspot, SUR Restaurant, where the Bravo reality series is filmed.

Ariana Madix may not be sold on marriage, either

In addition to her lack of desire for children, Madix has made it clear that she doesn't feel the need to get married. While the idea may be a slight possibility for her and Sandoval, she's said that she hopes to one day take another step with her longtime partner and buy a home together.

To see more of Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and their co-stars, including Lisa Vanderpump, tune into "Vanderpump Rules" season five on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.