The biggest story in politics since Election Day has revolved around what impact Russia had on the election and in Donald Trump's campaign. After yet another curve ball was thrown into the scandal, it looks like the White House has even more explaining to do, especially when it comes to Michael Flynn.

Flynn flips on Trump

It was just last November when Donald Trump pulled off one of the most shocking upsets in American political history by defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, in the two months that have followed, the former host of "The Apprentice" has found himself surrounded by non-stop controversy.

Whether it's his controversial executive orders, policy proposals, or rhetoric, Trump's biggest issue has been the ongoing reports over what his relationship is with the Kremlin. Within days of being elected, Trump named retired Gen. Michael Flynn to serve as his National Security Adviser. However, Flynn was forced to resign within weeks after it was revealed that he had been in contact with the ambassador to Russia last December. As the Russian Scandal heats up, the House Intelligence Committee is now investigating the matter, and a new report on Thursday night revealed that Flynn is willing to flip on the president in exchange for immunity. As seen across Twitter on March 30, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood were quick to give their thoughts.

"DT is engaged in the most moronic ham-handed cover up in history," actor and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter, while adding, "Obfuscation won't work. MSM has eyes on the prize." In a follow-up tweet, Reiner continued to hammer home his point.

"Nunes used as pawn,Flynn asks for immunity,Stone talks to Guccifer,Manafort the dry cleaner,DT lies his ass off. Ashes,ashes all fall down," he wrote.

Actress Alyssa Milano decided to give her thoughts on social media in a pair of tweets.

"THIS IS HUGE!" she wrote, while attaching an article to Flynn willing to testify in the Russian investigation. In a more humorous tweet, the former "Who's the Boss" actress wrote, "Pee tape #neverforget," in reference to the rumored sex tape involving Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes.

Hollywood unloads

"Flynn hopes to win the Immunity Challenge, but in 'Survivor: White House' America gets to vote all those bastards off the island," actor George Takei posted to his Twitter feed.

In a follow-up message, the Star Trek actor mocked how Fox News was reporting the story. "'In talks to testify.' You mean, turn state's evidence UNDER IMMUNITY, right? @FoxNews, just admit this is unmitigated disaster." he wrote.

Comedian Bill Maher also voiced his thoughts on Twitter, but kept his message basic, and to the point.

"Lock. Him. Up. Lock him up. Lock him up! Lock him up!! LOCK HIM UP!!!" Maher wrote.

Next step

While it's unknown if Michael Flynn will be able to reach a deal for immunity, the fact that he is willing to turn on Donald Trump has convinced many that there is a smoking gun around the corner when it comes to the Trump-Russian scandal. As of press time, neither the billionaire real estate mogul nor the White House has released an offical comment.