In the wake of “Timeless’” season finale, fans are seeking out their own Lifeboats in order to get a glimpse of NBC’s 2017 fall schedule. Is a second season in the cards for our beleaguered heroes, or will fans be left to forever wonder if Rittenhouse will have the last word?

Executive producer Shawn Ryan doesn’t have the answer to “Timeless’” renewal woes, but he and co-creator Eric Kripke do have plans for Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), and Wyatt’s (Matt Lanter) respective futures, in whatever century they may find themselves.

What’s next for ‘Timeless’?

As “The Red Scare” came to a close, Flynn (Goran Visnjic) was behind bars, Lucy was dealing with the mother of all revelations, and Rittenhouse popped out of the grave like the bloodsuckers they are. The Time Team was so close to the fruits of victory. How will they ever find the strength to throw themselves back into the fray?

“We are working on our overall plan for Season 2 right now, and we’ll pitch it to NBC in April, so I’m reluctant to get too much into it because we’ll want to take a deep breath and evaluate the whole season before we commit to what we want to do in Season 2,” Ryan hedged while speaking with Deadline.

We do know, however, that Flynn’s storyline has played itself to its foregone conclusion.

Lucy’s mother, it seems, will step into the villainous limelight instead. One of the few Rittenhouse members to escape the government sweep, Carol’s duplicitous nature is the set up for about of family drama.

“A little early to say but I imagine this mother/daughter dynamic will be important in Season 2,” Ryan teased, adding that the series owes “an answer in Season 2 as to why Lucy’s mom was one of the Rittenhouse members not to be identified right away.”

Is renewal in the cards?

Although “Timeless” is currently riding the renewal/cancellation bubble, Kripke and Ryan have entered the hiatus with confidence in their work.

A smart, fresh take on the genre, the NBC drama keeps viewers on their toes as the writers eschew the famous mugs of Abe Lincoln and Richard Nixon for those of Robert Todd Lincoln and the Black Liberation Army. It’s not the trite tales we’re used to, and, frankly, we couldn’t be happier.

“We’re moving forward optimistically.

We think there will be a Season 2,” Ryan told TVLine. “We’ve always set out to tell this one-season story that then would provide a launching point for a Season 2, but that would answer a lot of things, and I think we did it.”

If you missed the finale, catch up with “Timeless” on NBC.