Recently, the people over at TV Line, got to chat up the producers, Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, of NBC's new hit, sci-fi series: "Timeless," and during their interview, they were able to get some very key season 2 spoilers for Flynn's character out of them. Of course, this is all dependent on if NBC actually renews the show, because as previously reported, it's still in limbo, right now, currently awaiting a decision. The producers are planning to pitch a new season to NBC in April 2017.

We'll probably find out in May

So, it sounds like a renewal decision might be revealed in May 2017.

In the meantime, we're seeing these hypothetical spoilers get revealed. In the case of Flynn, they revealed that he's really going to be pissed off at Lucy due to his current incarceration situation. On the flip side, he also might be the only one that can help them face the new villains that will be showing up on the scene.

A brief overview

In their spoilery session, Eric chimed in to cover the Flynn information. Before he got into any possible season 2 spoilers for him, he explained why they put him in the position that he's currently in, revealing that they wanted to go ahead and move forward with the same relationships they had been exploring. They also wanted to deepen them and take them to whole other level.

He's locked up

From there, they got into what might go down with Flynn in season 2. They think that he might be in some sort of incarceration, and that he's really going to be extremely ticked off at Lucy. However with all that negativity flowing, they did mention that he's probably going to be the only one suited to be able to fight whatever threats and enemies that they'll come up against in season 2.

So, that's going to leave things in a very uncertain and uneasy situation.

As previously reported, Lucy and company will definitely be fighting new villains and so forth as they'll be introducing no ones on a weekly basis instead of just sticking with the one that they did in the first season. There's also going to be a couple of other romances, brewing up that they might explore, so things will certainly get more interesting if they can get that renewal from NBC. Be sure to keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned.