Recently, the Huffington Post crew, chatted up "This Is Us " Beth Pearson star, Susan Kelechi Watson (left), and she delivered a few more extra details that we can expect to see, take place in the closing episodes 17 and 18 of this premiere season 1. It turns out that we're going to see Beth take William's death surprisingly hard. Harder than maybe we would image she would. She also confirmed that we'll see Rebecca and Jack's storyline questions get answered in the finale, and more.

She takes it really hard

To kick off her little spoiler session, she echoed what the producer recently mentioned to Entertainment Weekly, stating that we'll possibly be seeing the recently deceased William character, show back up in some flashback scenes.

However, she said that it's really hard, knowing that he'll be gone in the present day stuff. After that, she continued to speak on the William topic, revealing that his death is really going to hit her character really hard, harder than the viewing audience might expect. She didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him, and we're going to see scenes that reveal how much she did for him in regards to doctors and medicine. This tragedy is definitely going to have a very big effect on her.

Questions get answered

Finally, after getting off the William topic, she revealed that we're also going to see some lingering storylines get explained in the big season finale episode 18 ,in particular, with Jack and Rebecca.

She said, there are some aspects of Rebecca and Jack's life that they've been following throughout this season, and that a lot of questions will finally get answered. As previously reported, we're definitely going to find out how Jack died, and it's reportedly very shocking and sad. Tears will definitely be shed by some of you guys.

Two more seasons already

They also revealed some very good news, saying that the series has already been renewed for a second and third season! That's definitely huge for a freshman show like this. There's going to be plenty of more stories to tell. Susan also revealed that we might see more about Beth's past get explained in future episodes.

More intel about her

She definitely knows that we're going to learn more about who she is, her family, and her career. Episode 17 will finally be airing this Tuesday night, March 7th after getting bumped a week for the big presidential speech that went on last week. Then we'll be seeing the season finale episode 18, hit the airwaves on Tuesday night, March 14th, 2017 at 8pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.