People misunderstood what Oprah Winfrey said during an interview with Bloomberg Television host David Rubenstein that was aired last week even though the interview was taped on December 12, 2016. During the interview, Oprah was shocked to learn that a person could become president without having any government or political experience at all. Rubenstein asked the talk show host and actress if she would ever consider running for president.

Oprah was surprised that a person like Donald Trump could get the title just because he is well known as a successful business man and reality star.

Oprah thought about her own credentials, but she never said she would run for president.

News outlets and social media took Oprah's reaction to indicate that she would run. Only a portion of the clip was shown. The remainder of the clip shows the 63-year-old billionaire clearly saying she would never run for president.

Gayle King sets the record straight

Oprah's best friend, Gayle King, knows all about her. Gayle was in the audience during the interview. The co-anchor of “CBS This Morning” set the record straight on last Thursday's morning talk show and said Oprah would never run for president.

Guest co-host and CBS news correspondent, Anthony Mason, reminded Gayle to never say never. Gayle was very emphatic and insisted that she knows Oprah well enough that Oprah would never run for president.

Oprah is busy in other areas that do not include politics. She is starring in several movies at the time as well as being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

She runs a television network and has other involvements that don't include anything political.

Trump's opponents for 2020

President Donald Trump has in office only since January 20, 2017, and people are already guessing who would run against him in 2020. Because of Trump's lack of political experience, people might not be surprised if other celebrities will consider running against him. Because Donald Trump won the election, others well-known people might follow his example and seek the presidency, but one of them will not be Oprah Winfrey.