Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. We've got some crazy spoilers to share with you guys for the upcoming week of March 6th through March 10th, 2017. We got these from our soapcentral.com sources, and it turns out that we've got a spying situation on our hands that's extremely scandalous, because Sally is going to use Coco to do her dirty work, and Coco's not even going to freaking know it! Meanwhile, we got ole Ridge, doing some things with Quinn that will definitely set off some alarm bells with Katie when she sees it, and so much more.

Coco's getting set up

Oh, and please note, we do not have any days assigned to these spoilers. We just know that they're going to happen at some point during this week. You're totally welcome to take your best guest on which days these will land on. With no further ado, lets jump into this thing. Ok, so the first big scoop of this week, involves Sally's big scheme to spy on Forrester Creations. Apparently, she's going to have Saul, secretly install some spy equipment in Coco's jewelry, so she can send the poor girl in there, totally unaware that she's being used as a double agent. Shame!

She thinks it's a gift

I mean, this is just dirty, because she's actually going to tell Coco that the spyware jewelry is a gift, having her feel all happy and what not.

Then we learn that, later on, Sally is actually going to start feeling guilty about setting her up like that, and she should. Despite all of this, we learn that Coco is actually going to have a shining moment as they tell us that she's going to perform a selfless act of heroism when she gets put in a very life-threatening situation at Forrester!

And it's going to put her in their good graces or something.

Someone's watching them

We're going to see some eavesdropping, going on when Ridge and Brooke talk about their big wedding ideas with R.J., so that should be interesting. Then apparently, we're going to see Quinn and Ridge do something that really raises some reg flags for Katie when she oversees them, because they tell us that she's going to feel very uneasy about it, and will think that Ridge's heart is not as true as he claims it to be.

Uh oh.

Thomas' revenge chance

We also learn that there's even more scandalous-sounding stuff that will take place as they tell us that Thomas is going to get presented with a very unique opportunity to enact some vengeance. They didn't say on who, but whoever that is, they better watch their back, because if Thomas decides to take this offer, they could be in for a whole heap of trouble that they don't want. That's for damn sure. Oh, and one other thing. We'll be seeing Charlie, trying to convince Pam that Quinn and Ridge have something going on, so that should give us an interesting scene too. Stay tuned.