Hey, "The Originals" fans. The CW gifted us with a nice promo/spoiler clip treat (below), last night, for the upcoming episode 2, season 4 of your favorite show. It definitely showed scenes that fall right in line with how the official description read. The Mikaelson crew will be spotted, waking up after getting cured, and on their way to try and rescue Klaus from his imprisonment. However, Elijah is spotted, having to face off with the new, all-powerful Marcell, and more! It looks pretty wild.

Camille is seen

In the new clip, they start out, showing Elijah and the others, awakening from their slumber after getting cured.

Then we're shown a scene that features Camille, telling Klaus that he's the reason his family is still alive, and that she knows that they have awaken. From there, we get a scene that features Marcell, telling someone that Klaus' peeps could be on their way right now.

Hardcore fight scenes

Next, we see a couple of different scenes that shows the Mikaelson crew: Rebekah, Elijah and Hayley, searching for Klaus. Hayley is spotted, saying, the sooner they find Klaus, the sooner they can get the hell out of here. After that, we see some wicked fight scenes and some more scenes with Klaus. He appears to be seeing his fears manifest as the spoiler synopsis suggests. He's seen, expressing worry that Marcell will kill Elijah.

A mean growl

Finally, we see the clip, capping off with a mega confrontation between Elijah and the new, very powerful Marcell in action. Then Marcell is spotted, giving a super vampire growl or whatever. Whatever he did, it looks hellishly intense, and we may see Elijah way in over his head in this fight as Marcell cannot be killed unless they can remove the magic that's empowering him.

Is Elijah about to get his butt kicked? Will he kill him? Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait until this thing airs, to find out. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned. Episode 2 set to show up on Friday night, March 24th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW.