"The Originals" is returning with Season 4 in less than a month. What can fans expect from Klaus, Hayley, Marcel, and the other characters on "The Vampire Diaries" spinoff? The CW has finally released the synopsis and title for the first episode. Find out what is known and what to expect when the series returns after its long hiatus.

Marcel Gerard the king in 'The Originals'

"Spoiler TV" released the season 4 premiere synopsis. According to the website, Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) will be the king of New Orleans. He invites all vampires that are not linked to the city.

However, he encounters a problem when they threaten his position. He will end up getting help from an unlikely source in the episode titled "Gather Up All The Killers."

Klaus awake but not exactly free

Five years have gone by since the season 3 finale of "The Originals." In fact, it is the 5-year anniversary of Klaus Mikaelson's agony-induced coma and entombment. It seems that Marcel may go and pay Klaus a visit. Photos show Marcel and Klaus talking down it what appears to be some sort of dungeon. Klaus is bound with chains and has a leather strap around his neck, similar to a leash. Could Marcel be asking Klaus for help with his current dilemma?

Hayley and Hope

The season 4, episode 1 synopsis also teases that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will get close to finding a cure.

However, she will have to make a ruthless decision. As fans of the show know, Klaus and Hayley's daughter, Hope, will now be 7 years old. She is powerful, but is also looking forward to meeting her father.

Mikaelson siblings

Right now, the Mikaelson siblings are in a different dimension or what some call an alternate plane. They have been up there, sitting and waiting for a cure.

Thanks to Freya's last-minute spell in the season 3 finale, their lives are tethered to Klaus's. What is going to happen when Marcel finds out that they are not dead like he thought?

What do you think is going to happen when "The Originals" begins airing new episodes? What do you predict will happen with Klaus Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, Hayley, and the rest of the characters?