Ok, so we got some official ,new spoiler intel in from Showtime in reference to their hit drama, "Homeland." It's for their upcoming episode 5 of season 6. They gave us two storyline scoops, but they're extremely vague. With that said, they do sound really interesting ,too, as we'll be seeing Carrie let her work seep into her personal life at some point. Then things will certainly get bumpy for Keane.

She's out of the game

They gave us the title for this thing as well. It sounds like a very interesting title, naming it: "Casus Belli." See? Very unique.

According to their really short and vague synopsis reveal, they tell us that we're going to see some new scenes that involve the new president elect, Elizabeth Keane, and it doesn't sound like she'll be doing too well from the way they describe her in this. They say that she's going to be sidelined.

So, I take that to mean she'll be in a position where she can't really do anything, or is just out of commission all together. Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on this part of the storyline ,at all, so we're just currently left to wonder what in the hell has sidelined her? What did she do to put herself in this position? Will she be able to get back in the game at some point? These are just a few questions for this particular scenario.

It's just too much

Next, we learn that Carrie's current predicament is not going to be so great either, or at least, that's the way it sounds as they tell us that her work life is going to get so intense that it's going to start flowing into her personal life! To be exact, they said that her work is going to follow her home.

For her sake, that hopefully is just a figurative statement, and doesn't mean that someone literally starts following her home that has to do with her job.

Again, with this one, they didn't elaborate, at all, as to what this means, exactly, so we're left to play the guessing game with this one too. Will Carrie be able to get her private life back on track?

Or will this new annoyance continue to make new inroads into her life? Hopefully, we'll see some answers when this thing finally airs.

Alright guys. That's going to do it for now. However, as always, be sure to keep an eye out for those new spoiler clips that will be getting released tonight on the show's official Youtube channel right after episode 4 finishes up. They'll definitely show us some extra details that the written ones didn't. I mean, how could they not? I've really never seen such a short description in my entire life. Anyways, we can also tell you that episode 5 is due out next Sunday night, February 19th, 2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime. Stay tuned.