Hey, "Grey's Anatomy" fans. You're going to be happy to know that we've got not one, but two freaking spoiler clips (below) for the upcoming episode 16 of this current season 13. Yep, ABC delivered, huge, last night. We've got a lot of drama, going on in these clips as April is seen, giving Jackson a hardcore shouting session at one point for not telling her what his freaking problem was. Then we've got a big confrontation that features Jackson about to meet his long, last father, and more!

She's very pissed off

In the first clip, they start out showing us a very emotional and drama-filled scene that features a very upset April, yelling at Jackson, asking him why he never told her that he had found his father.

After that, we see these two in a much calmer situation. He says that his father never knew him. She tells him to give his father a chance to know him. Next, we see the big confrontation scene where Jackson finally heeds April's advice and tells his father that he's his long, lost son. So, wow! What will the father's reaction be? Will he welcome him with open arms? Or just slam the door in his face? We don't know, because the clip ended before they showed the reaction, so it looks like we'll have to wait and see the full episode to get that intel.

He says it's stupid

In the 2nd clip, we just a solo dolo scene that shows Jackson and April, approaching his father's house. Jackson hesitates, saying that this is a stupid idea.

April tells him that it's not. After that, Jackson goes on a little rant about how they're not married, so she can go, and that it's not really her business. She refuses to go, and says that it is her business, because they have a big job to do, and she needs him to be all there so they can perform it. She's referencing a big risky surgery that they have to pull off.

The big moment

Anyways, April continues to tell him that he's not going to be focused ,enough, unless he goes ahead and tells his father what he needs to tell him, so he needs to just go ahead and get it over with. Then they can get back to work. From there, Jackson proceeded to walk towards the door for the big moment. Then it cuts out, again, so we still don't know what the hell happens with that whole situation.

Yep, they're definitely going to make us wait for the full episode to see all that good stuff. Be sure to check out the clips, below, and stay tuned. Episode 16 is due to arrive on Thursday night, March 16th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC.