Alright, so the other night, ABC delivered up a new spoiler treat for the upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" episode 13 of season 15. It, of course, delivers a little more details of what we'll be seeing go down. However, most of it is in reference to Meredith, Alex and Nathan's storyline. Meredith is spotted, confronting Nathan about how to get with her. Alex is spotted, trying to convince Meredith that Nathan's a snake, and more!

Alex gives her a hard time

In the new clip, we see footage of Alex, teasing Meredith about wanting to be with Nathan, and she quickly responds by saying she doesn't want to be with him while heavily blushing.

Then there's another tease from Alex, followed by another response from Meredith, saying, "but I don't" in reference to wanting to be with Nathan. After that, we get a new scene that shows Alex, telling Meredith that Nathan's a snake, so that's not good.

He might get somewhere with her

Finally, the clip closes out with a pretty funny and dramatic scene that features Meredith, telling Nathan, "If you want to get anywhere with me." Then he cuts her off, right there, by saying she admits that there is somewhere to actually get with her, aka he might have a shot. After that, she just stands there with a blank stare, knowing she just outed herself. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how that particular scene plays out.

Be sure to check it out, below.

A couple of official teasers

As previously reported, we also got an official synopsis for this thing from ABC, telling us that we're going to see some hospital politics, deliver up an extreme amount of grueling trauma at some point. Additionally, we'll have another couple that's going to be confronting their feelings for one another.

It's going to be Amelia and Owen. Apparently, Amelia will be coming face to face with her feelings for him. Last, but definitely not least, we're going to see a very intense situation go down between Alex and Nathan, because they're going to start arguing over a patient. Episode 15 is scheduled to show up on Thursday night, March 9th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.