Hey, "Designated Survivor" fans. It's sure has been a long break, but it's almost over, which is why we've finally got the official synopsis for the upcoming episode 11 of season 1 in from the people over at FOX. They gave us two storyline reveals that sound quite interesting as we're going to see more aftermath drama from the wild capital shooting, take place. We'll also be seeing FBI agent, Hanna Wells, wrestle with a decision to give up conspiracy intel that she knows, and more.

Heavy drama going on

They revealed that the producers decided to go with the name: "Warriors" as a title for this thing.

To kick off their official synopsis they put in ,all-caps, that we're going to see the big aftermath scene, go down, in regards to all the drama that takes place after the huge shooting at the steps of the capitol! Beyond that, they were pretty vague, leaving us with the questions of what kind of aftermath madness will they show next? How long will this dramatic scene last? As previously reported, we did see some people get put in hadcuffs in the big promo clip, so it's definitely going to be interesting to see what other things this big aftermath scene will serve up.

Emily stressed over traitor issues

Next, we learn that we'll be seeing Emily really have a hard time, dealing with the her newfound knowledge that a traitor is roaming the White House.

Will Emily eventually be able to pull herself together? Or will she let this totally bring her down? Those will be some big questions for this particular storyline.

Hannah struggles

Elsewhere, we're also going to see some other scenes that feature FBI Agent, Hannah Wells, in action at some point. She will also be dealing with some issues.

Apparently, she's aware of a conspiracy that involves what was behind the Capitol bombing, and she's really going to wrestle with trying to figure whether or not she should reveal this valuable intel.

The obvious questions with this storyline, is will she end up, revealing what she knows? Or will she just continue to keep it all to herself?

FOX, of course, did not elaborate any further, so we'll definitely have to wait for the episode to air to see how this all turns out. Episode 11 was written by the writing team of Paul Redford and Carol Flint, and they got Stephen Surjik to direct it. As previously reported, this installment is finally set to air on Wednesday, March 8th at 9pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.