Alright, so recently the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, got to chat up "Once Upon A Time" Emma star, Jennifer Morrison, and Regina star, Lana Parilla, to get some extra spoiler scoops for the show's midseason premiere episode 11 of the current season 6, and man did she deliver big. It turns out that we're going to see some major drama go down in that "wish" realm they're currently stuck in at the moment. A very vengeful Prince Henry is going to hardcore go after Regina for killing off the Snow and David of that world. She had to do so to get Emma to wake the F up.

Henry is going to be absolutely determined to make her pay!

Seven people are after her

Jennifer went onto reveal that they're going to have, at least, seven people after her in that land, because they will all think that Regina is the Evil Queen, and Emma and Regina will really need to find a way to get out of there, ASAP! She mentioned that even Henry will be trying to kill Regina in this world! The whole, freaking kingdom will be after them. It's total madness.

She wants answers from Robin

Regina's going to hit another snag when she sees the Robin Hood of that world. Apparently, he'll be named Robin of Locksley over there, and is very much alive. She's going to want to get some answers from him even though he's not the same Robin she new and loved.

Her emotions will totally get the better of her when she sees him. She is just going to feel the need to have to ask him some questions. One of the questions that will be running through her mind, is: "Was Robin better off without her?" Lana went on to say that this will actually be her quest in the 11th installment, because there's still a part of her that possesses a lot of hope.

Her biggest weakness exposed

Lastly, Lana told the EW folks that having to fight the Henry of that world is going to prove to be extremely difficult for her, because she's going to view him as still being her son, so she won't be able to even fathom the thought of attacking him in any way! Will Regina be able to overcome the issues in her mind and help get her and Emma out of that whole mess?

Or will she succumb to the deception that this alternate world has conjured up? Those are some very big questions for this situation. Lana left off by saying, the real danger will be getting stuck there forever. Episode 11 is officially ready to debut this Sunday night, March 5th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.