Ok, so yesterday, we got some new spoiler clip goodness (below) from ABC for their upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" episode 15 of season 13, and it looks very interesting, giving us a new scene that shows that Jackson is done, taking a back seat to Catherine when she refuses to get onboard about his concerns regarding Minnick, and is going to go over her head to get Richard reinstated, and more!

Catherine pulled to the side

In the new clip, we're given new footage of Catherine, making her rounds. Then Jackson is seen, asking her if she has a minute to talk.

She reveals that she just got paged to the pit, and asks if it can wait. Apparently, it can't, because Jackson replies by telling her that he needs to talk to her about the Minnick situation. Catherine immediately denies that anything is wrong, but Jackson definitely thinks otherwise and tries to get her to think the same, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Avery of this hospital

After that, Jackson tries to tell her that he's the foundation's representative on the board, which is a position that she gave him. In fact, it's one that she made him take. However, she points out that he whined and complained about it every step of the way. Jackson comes back with the fact that he did still take the position, and that he's the Avery of this hospital, which means the foundation speaks through him.

He wants Richard back

Then Catherine tries to tell him that the foundation is just there to oversee and guide. They do not interfere in hospital policies. Jackson quickly expresses his disagreement by questioning her and bringing up the point that she practically ousted Richard Webber, which he definitely finds unacceptable.

From there, the clip caps off with Jackson, telling her that he's going to be making the decisions from here on out, and that he's going to go to the government board to get Richard reinstated and get Minnick the hell out. He's totally going over her head! Catherine is left with a pretty shocked look on her face. It looks like a very interesting situation, going on there.

Will Catherine try to stop him after that big, bold statement? We'll have to wait and see. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned. Episode 15 is set to show up on Thursday night, March 9th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC.