“Pretty Little Liars” could have been very different. I. Marlene King had someone else in mind for the role of Emily, while there were two others in the running for Hanna. Just what would it have been like without Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson in these two fan-favorite roles?

King was at PaleyFest live, along with Mitchell, Benson, and other cast members of the iconic teen drama. While they were there to unveil a few plans about the final 10 episodes of “PLL,” there were also mentions of how things could have been completely different.

Shay Mitchell was King’s second choice in ‘Pretty Little Liars’

King had another actress in mind when it came to the part of Emily Fields. Mitchell learned about this after her final audition, where she was able to impress the showrunner and win the part. King and Mitchell didn’t share who the actress in mind was, but fans can’t imagine the character being played by anyone different.

Mitchell made the role of Emily her own. She is a strong female role model for all women, not just for the LGBT community (as Emily is a lesbian). What did Mitchell say to King’s honesty? Just a sheepish “OK,” because what else was there to say to that?

Sasha Pieterse and Bianca Lawson auditioned for the same role

Both Sasha Pieterse and Bianca Lawson wanted to be a different character on the show than the characters they became. They went for Benson’s role of Hanna Marin. In the end it was Benson who won the heart of King, but the showrunner needed to see the two women come back.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that Pieterse picked up the role of Alison. “Pretty Little Liars” fans have often noticed how the two are very similar in personality, especially in the earlier episodes of the show. They both also look very similar, which is commonly noted throughout the show. Lawson of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame picked up the role of Maya.

What do you think the show would have been like if Emily and Hanna were played by different people? Would you still be a fan? Don’t forget that “PLL” returns with its last 10 episodes in April.