Michael Bublé and his family are happy that Noah has completed four months of chemotherapy for liver cancer and is recovering from the treatment and surgery to remove the tumor. Bublé, 41, and his wife Luisana Lopilato, 29, received the heartbreaking news last November that their oldest son had been diagnosed with liver cancer. Reportedly, the treatment has ended, and 3½-year-old Noah is progressing well.

Update on the family

Both parents vowed to put their careers on hold until Noah got well, and they have been by his side since the diagnosis. Michael cancelled performances including the Juno Awards in Ottawa on April 2.

Lusiana did the same with her modeling and acting career. At the time, she was working on a new film titled "Los Que Aman."

The family lives in Canada, but Noah has been undergoing treatment in the United States. Last Wednesday, the entire family was spotted at a Buenos Aires airport in Argentina. Actress Luisana returned to her home country to finish scenes on the drama "Those Who Love And Hate." She stopped working on the film to be with her son during the cancer treatment. Now that Noah has completed his treatment, she feels comfortable enough to continue with the film.

Doctors had predicted that Noah had a 90 percent chance of beating the disease. In about a month, the family will return to the United States from Argentina so the little boy can undergo a series of tests to make sure his recovery is continuing.

Noah's doctors are very optimistic. Michael said he was inspired by his son's bravery the entire time.

Celebrity with cancer speaks

Actress Shannen Doherty is battling breast cancer. She told Entertainment Tonight that she can't picture herself in Bublé and Lopilato’s shoes, but she could imagine that that was devastating. For her, she has to stay positive and trust her doctors.

The former "90210" actress has been open about her fight against breast cancer. She, too, is progressing well during her illness. The 45-year-old actress completed chemotherapy and radiation treatment weeks ago.