Episode 18 of "Arrow" Season 5, titled “Disbanded,” will show Oliver as he agitates his partners Felicity Smoak and John Diggle for his conclusion to call on the Russian mafia system for help in destroying his rival Prometheus. The plot for next chapter published on TV Guide states: “Felicity (E.B. Rickards) and Diggle (D. Ramsey) are disturbed by Oliver's (S. Amell) determination to call on the Bratva to support take down Prometheus (J. Segarra). Concerned the mafia group may exceed, Diggle has a strong conversation with Oliver about what results if things go south and in the meantime, Felicity discovers something unexpected at Helix.”

Highlights and plot episode 17

Principal scenes of episode 17 took place throughout the Russian flashbacks, explaining how Oliver had to fall farther down the rabbit eye of his personal darkness.

While he pretended to be using the cover as a way to send his personal monster, Anatoly hypothesized that the beast would ultimately take over and that is what Adrian needed Oliver to admit. At the end of the last episode of season 5, Oliver, being hit both physically and emotionally, announces to Adrian that for times he didn't kill because he had to, but first, because he desired to, and seriously yet because he approved it. Though Adrian makes Oliver leave his room, we are given querying whether the Green Arrow will be fixing up his weapon and shiver for good.

Episode 18 trailer and spoilers

The upcoming episode of "Arrow" Season 5 will tackle Oliver's confused state-of-mind head on as he will move out to the Bratva for aid in destroying Prometheus.

Hearing by the newest preview, it seems his sudden choice won't sit great with Diggle, which is operating to lead to the two former friends trading punches. In fact, running into next chapter named “Disbanded,” we may comprehend a case for the first time of Oliver working to take the mafia over rather than him giving a visit to them away.

He understands that Prometheus is a little part of a one-man company, and he wants all of the support that he can get. Episode 18 of "Arrow" Season 5 will air on The Cw on Wednesday, March 29 at 8.00 pm EST.