Miley Cyrus is showing that she really supports her sister Noah and even called her sister her "favorite person" tonight. Hollywood Life shared that tonight on the iHeartRadio Awards Miley gave an emotional introduction to her sister. Noah is showing that Miley isn't the only one with a great voice in their family. Of course, everyone already knows that their dad Billy Ray Cyrus can sing.

What did Miley have to say about Noah tonight?

Tonight Noah Cyrus was on the big stage performing her song "Make Me (Cry.)" She is just seventeen-years-old. When Miley came out on stage tonight, she had on a shirt that said "I heart Noah" and she also had a sign with her that said the same thing.

It was great to see Miley as her sister's biggest cheerleader on the big stage.

Miley Cyrus had some great stuff to say about her sister tonight. She got on stage and said, "This next performer is without the coolest performer I know. She knows exactly what I’m going, though. I cannot wait for you to get a load of her vision cause I want to be her when I grow up." After that Miley went on to say that Noah was her favorite person in the entire year and that she thinks 2017 is her sister's year.

So far, it looks like Noah Cyrus is someone you want to watch for sure. She is very early in her career, and her new song is a huge hit. She does this song "Make Me (Cry)" with Labrinth. The fact that she was already on the iHeartRadio Awards is great for her.

Noah did share after her song saying that what Miley had to say about her made her cry. That had to make it a bit hard to get out there and do her performance, but it didn't stop her at all. Noah also shared that her debut album will be coming out soon, but she is being very picky about the songs. She shared that she has been very secretive about the album as well, but fans can't wait.

What do you think of Noah Cyrus and her new song "Make Me (Cry)"? Do you think that she will be as big as her sister with her music career? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.