Miley Cyrus has sported a lot of looks chief among them being naked, nipple-freeing and too skinny of late. Gone too was Cyrus'Hannah Montana tresses in favor of a shaved head. This scary-skinny attitudinal Miley worried people: did she have anorexia or some other eating disorder? Fans fears were laid to rest as Miley Cyrus appeared on the "TODAY Show" to talk up her post on "The Voice." The singer glowed with healthy weight gain,a rounder face and plump, shapely arms.

Miley Cyrus in a happier place?

Viewers were impressed not only with Miley's apparent ease and adroit conversation, but her new look.

Many commented that she seems to be in a happier place, free from the obsessive-compulsive drive of eating disorders. Healthy weight loss like Adele enjoyed or sensible pound-shedding like Wendy Williams is good. But in the past few years, the former child star had gotten downright skeletal. Notorious for her terror of weight gain, folks wondered at what happened to make Cyrus so comfortable in her much larger skin. Ironically,Cyrus now exudes confidence and positive body imageafter gaining 30 pounds that she never seemed to feel no matter how thin she got.Miley bubbled overwith emotion about her role as a judge on "The Voice."

Weight gain transforms Miley to classic Hollywood icon curvaceous

Eating disorders have a bizarre way of mocking a quest for beauty.

Anorexia tells girls (and boys, they're not immune) that fat is ugly and weight gain is bad. It shows them "fat" on their bodies that isn't there. This skewed body image makes them do crazy things to get that mirror to reflect a different image. No matter how skinny they get they keep seeing ugly. But mirrors don't lie. They show the frightening reality of anorexia and it is not pretty.

Where anorexics see fat,everyone else sees a person dying ofstarvation. Well, Miley Cyrus must have made peace with her mirror. Because she's finally allowed the real beauty, that comes from being at a healthy weight, to shine through. The beauty she sought found her--curvaceous Miley is literally a classic Hollywoodicon gorgeous--think Jayne Mansfield, Betty Grable or even Marilyn Monroe. Those Celebrities were all a solid size 12 and no one would question their hottness!