Russia hasn't done so yet, but the country is thinking about banning "Beauty and the Beast" from being shown any place in the country, according to BBC News. The Disney film stands to break Russia's law that rules against homosexual propaganda directed toward minors. In the Movie, Josh Gad plays a gay character. Therefore, a decision will be made soon because the remake of "Beauty and the Beast" is set to be released in Russia on March 16.

Ban in United States

Representatives from a drive-in theater in Henegar, Alabama announced on Facebook that it will not show the film when it is released on March 17 because of the gay character.

A spokesperson said if parents can't take their young children to see a movie, then it should not be shown. The Facebook post added that the drive-in theater will continue to show movies that are wholesome instead of those containing a lot of nudity, sex, homosexuality and foul language.

Director Bill Condon spoke out about the Alabama theater's decision and said the negative comments about Disney's first gay character are blown out of proportion. Condon concluded that the gay character exploring his sexuality is a small but significant subplot.

Actor playing a gay character reacts

At the movie's premiere in Los Angeles, Gad spoke about his character. He said he is really proud of the part he plays.

He explained that the movie speaks for itself, and people are making much ado about nothing concerning his characterization. Gad hopes that everyone would move past what they believe about the movie and see the beauty in it.

Remake of the classic movie

The original Disney "Beauty and the Beast" movie released in theaters on November 13, 1991 and did not include a gay character, and it went on to earn $425 million at the box office.

However, the remake of the movie that premiered on February 23, 2017 in London and is to be released in the United States on March 17, 2017 does include a gay character.

There was no controversy over the original film; however, the remake that has the first openly homosexual character in a Disney film has been met with praise from some and criticism from others.