There’s no Eugene this week, but Rick and Michonne stumble across a carnival and a cache of weapons and food while scavenging in “Say Yes.” Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, Rosita continues to lash out at everyone while Tara struggles with whether or not to reveal details about Oceanside, the community she came across earlier in “The Walking Dead” season seven.

Rick and Michonne are efficient scavengers

Not only are the two of them speeding through houses when the episode opens, but with each can of food they find or few articles of clothing they’re able to put away, they’re also taking time, to make out in the back of the van (and sometimes more).

There’s a definite feel of the two of them honeymooning it up as they try to scavenge for supplies to take back to Alexandria.

As luck would have it, they stumble upon an area where there was a carnival set up before the end of the world came, and there, they happen to find former military men turned Walkers still toting their guns. They’ve also got stored food and water and only one way in and out of this new compound. It all seems a little too good to be true as Rick is ready to spend a few extra days there, not worried about how long it takes because there are guns.

Has Rick lost his mind? Doesn’t he realize that a few extra days could be the difference between getting the jump on the Saviors and the Saviors returning to Alexandria and killing half the people to prove a point?

Does he not remember what happened the last time he showed up late? Two people died, and the threat of more death is always on the table.

The carnival of Walkers

The honeymoon period does come back to bite the two of them, so to speak. Their plan for picking off the Walkers easily doesn’t work when they can’t use a car they found to block a gap in the fence, which leads them to escape into the carnival in question.

Splitting up the Walkers at opposite ends of the fair, the two could have done just fine if Rick hadn’t decided to get stupid and climb the Ferris wheel to try to shoot a deer since he “owes” Michonne a deer. He falls. Michonne, for a few moments, thinks he’s being devoured by Walkers as we seem them feeding in a fakeout sequence.

Rick taking such a risk when surrounded by Walkers seems completely out of character for him. When there’s a larger group of people to fight? Maybe. But with just him and Michonne? Not buying it. The show using yet another feeding fakeout was ill-advised as well. We’ve seen it enough times to know that unless we see the character being ripped to shreds, it’s not them. Enough is enough. It does provide us with a nice emotional moment for Michonne as she realizes she doesn’t know how to keep going if she loses Rick. It’s always nice to see Danai Gurira get to do more emotional scenes.

Rosita finds a friend

Rosita has continually pushed everyone away since the first episode of the season, and her hostility and grief has led to some pretty reckless decisions.

For “Say Yes” though, she finally realizes that she needs help, not with her emotions, but with a plan to take down Negan. She heads to the hilltop with a newly found sniper rifle and asks if Sasha wants to help. Sasha agrees, but only if she gets to take the shot. The two also agree that this is basically a suicide mission. I’ll be surprised if Sasha and Rosita can get along long enough to make an attempt on Negan’s life though.

Tara's Oceanside decision

Unsure if she wants to tell anyone about just where they can get more guns, Tara talks her problems out with Judith and makes the decision after visiting the junkyard again, though we don’t get to see exactly what she tells Rick. How much did she say about Oceanside?

Will we see it again soon?

The verdict and what’s next

Full of too many predictable story moments, and slow moving overall, “Say Yes” is definitely not the best this season has to offer.

3 out of 5 stars

In next week’s “Bury Me Here,” a supply delivery from the Kingdom to the Saviors doesn’t go as plan.