Mandy Moore is the star of the hit show "This Is Us" and she is spending a lot of time around children while doing this show. Now she is speaking out and US Magazine is sharing that she says this has affected the way she feels about having Kids in the future. It has done it in a good way, though.

What did Mandy Moore say has changed?

It turns out that after spending time with three kids on the show Mandy Moore says she is now “totally ready to have kids." It looks like it has prepared her for the job. She talked to Conan O'Brien about it and said, "We have three extraordinary young actors on the show, who have fantastic parents by the way.

They’re very attentive." It sounds like Mandy really enjoys spending time with these kids on the set of the show.

Mandy teased that when they are eating during a scene she has to remind the kids to slow down. They just keep eating away not thinking about the fact that they could be eating that for the next few hours depending on how long it takes to film the scene. She even said during the Christmas episode she caught them eating peppermints they weren't supposed to eat. It sounds like she is doing a bit of mothering with them while on the show and getting to know them well.

She also has to work with newborns in flashbacks. Moore revealed that it is kind of shocking that people will hand over their children to her that are only a couple of weeks old.

They don't even know her, but trust her with holding their kids. Mandy Moore said she doesn't even know how to change a diaper and had to have a crew member show her how to do it.

Right now, Mandy Moore is dating Taylor Goldsmith. There is no word on if these two will end up tying the knot. It does sound like Mandy is hoping to have children in the future and it might not be too long before she decides that she wants to do it.

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