The fate of "Flip or Flop" has finally been announced. While the current version with hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa will be ending shortly, the show will live on in various cities across the country. "Flip or Flop" currently has five shows in the works with places that include Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Nashville, and Texas.

Why so many spin-offs?

The HGTV network saw a surge in ratings when Tarek and Christina El Moussa announced they were separated back in December. While the show did decent with ratings prior to this, the surge after had the network excited.

Tarek El Moussa officially filed for divorce from Christina back in January and it was announced that they would no longer be filming the show once their contracts were finished up. Right now, they are filming the remaining episodes and the network is already working on the next installment.

"Flip or Flop: Las Vegas" already has a premiere date of April 6. This likely means they have been filming for several weeks, if not months. The news of the various spinoffs has fans super excited. Now that there will be several cities hosting the show, the potential is endless. The couple doing the Las Vegas edition has been flipping homes for over a decade. With all of the experience and the location of the first spinoff, it should be a hit.

Other important dates

The Las Vegas edition will be the first one for fans to get to watch and then, the others will follow behind at some point. "Flip or Flop: Atlanta" is coming this summer with no specific date announced yet. Two others, "Flip or Flop: Texas" and "Flip or Flop: Nashville" will follow in 2018. According to the Hollywood Gossip, there has been no indication of when "Flip or Flop: Chicago" will begin airing.

A spokesperson for the series indicated that the building of the franchise has been happening for over a year now. It was in the works well before any of the drama with Tarek and Christina El Moussa happened. Each new city will bring new hosts and a unique experience.