Several casting announcements have been made for Marvel's "Inhumans." The project has an interesting origin, starting out as a proposed film before Inhumans were introduced in season 2 of ABC's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD." The project will come to television for an eight episode mini-series in fall 2017, after a two-hour premiere in IMAX theaters, released in September for two weeks. "Inhumans" will focus on the royal family of King Black Bolt of Attilan. The story of the royal family was originally created in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Black Bolt found in Anson Mount

Black Bolt is a beloved character from Marvel comics that had several prior appearances in television. Anson Mount has been cast as the iconic king whose voice is described as powerful enough to destroy cities. The actor is looking forward to the challenge of playing a character that communicates silently. It'll be an interesting feat to see how Mount will portray the character through facial expressions and body language.

Additional casting announced for 'inhumans'

Serinda Swan plays Medusa, the wife and trusted adviser to Black Bolt. She is a warrior with the Rapunzel-like ability to control her hair. Iwan Rheon plays the king's brother Maximus, who is described as deeply devoted with a desire to have the throne for himself.

Ken Leong portrays Karnak, Black Bolt's cousin who's also a philosopher with the ability to see the fault in everything from people to structures.

Eme Ikwuakor plays another cousin to the king: Gorgon. He's the leader of Attilan's military who fights instead of talking and can create destructive waves just by a single stomp of his hooves.

Gorgon and Karnak are described as yin and yang to each other. Isabelle Cornish portrays Crystal, the younger sister of Medusa who can control the elements. She's described as devoted and independent. Mike Moh plays Triton, Black Bolt's cousin who happens to have the ability to live underwater. Sonya Balmores plays Auran, the capable head of the Royal Guards.

Ellen Woglom has been cast in an unnamed role simply described as a woman who's aerospace company job is second to her passion for space, and has a longing for adventure. It's also been confirmed that Lockjaw, the 2000 pound dog companion to Crystal will have a role in the series.

Long time fans of the Marvel comics are no doubt excited, but mythology fans will recognize a few of the classic monikers of the characters. "Inhumans" will also have no connection to "SHIELD," though several of the characters on the ABC series are Inhuman. No release date has yet to be announced.