Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry are upset with the way the editors of "Teen Mom 2" have portrayed things. This isn't an uncommon gripe, especially among this cast in the franchise. Every season someone is unhappy with the way they look and this time, it is Chelsea and Kailyn.

Kailyn Lowry is having to relive a part of her life she had difficulty with. Her separation and subsequent divorce from Javi Marroquin has caused a lot of pain. "Teen Mom 2" fans are watching as the two hash it out and Lowry is upset with the editing process. She believes they are making her look bad and according to the Hollywood Gossip, Lowry says she is in a good place with Marroquin.

This isn't exactly something many believe, especially with the shade they throw at each other on Twitter.

"Teen Mom 2" editing gripes

The girls are upset over two entirely different things. While Kailyn Lowry is worried about how she is portrayed going through the divorce and her interactions with Javi Marroquin, Chelsea Houska is upset they made things between her and her mom look too intense. She talked about how she knew her daughter was uncomfortable and that is why she shut the conversation about Adam Lind down.

Of course, Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer have had their own gripes about what the "Teen Mom 2" editors have done to them, but it is part of the business. Working on a reality show leaves you at the mercy of the editors and producers.

Several of the girls control what they do and do not film as this has been seen by fans several times. Kailyn Lowry has told them several times to stop filming and they have obliged. Chelsea Houska has kept a lot of her stuff private, including her wedding and the information about her recent pregnancy.

The men agree too

Aside from the girls who have issues with the "Teen Mom 2" editing team, the men do as well.

Jeremy Calvert has been very vocal about how he has been portrayed, especially this season when he made comments about Leah Messer wanting to go to Mexico. The "Teen Mom OG" men have also publicly made complaints. Tyler Baltierra and Taylor McKinney have both come out swinging against the editors.

In the world of reality television, editing is important. Living a picture-perfect life isn't going to do any good for ratings but something that is edgy and taken out of context will.