Luke Pell almost got the job as "The Bachelor," but Nick Viall ended up being picked instead. Now it turns out that it looks like he has found love maybe, but it is with one of the girls that Nick sent home. Us Magazine shared that Luke is revealing that he has been spending time with someone from Nick's season of the show.

Who is Luke Pell spending time with now?

Luke Pell actually confirmed that he is seeing Danielle Lombard. The two have been dating for a bit now. Luke shared saying, "She’s a great girl. But we haven’t gotten to know each other yet.

We haven’t even had a real, proper date or anything yet.” It sounds like they are in the really early stages, but things could end up going really well for them in the end.

Luke and Danielle Lombard actually met each other in L.A. about a month ago, but this isn't the only time they have spent time together. It turns out that they have met up a few times since then as well. Luke still says he is single, but you never know what might happen. He says that dating after the show is actually a bit harder because people know who he is already. People assume that they know things about him, but they don't at all.

An interesting twist would be if ABC would decide to bring them on to the next season of "Bachelor in Paradise." That would give them a bit of an advantage going in knowing they would have someone that would give them a rose for a bit, but it might not even work out on the show.

Fans would love it if that ended up happening.

If Luke had ended up being "The Bachelor," then he might have met Danielle on the show. He mentions that it is kind of odd to meet her off the show, knowing that she was cast on a show he might have been trying to find love on, but it just didn't work out for him.

Are you surprised to hear that Luke Pell is spending time with Danielle L.?

Do you think that these two are a great match for each other? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the big finale of "The Bachelor" 2017 with Nick Viall next Monday night on ABC.