On Saturday afternoon, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he was quitting the "Celebrity Apprentice." Less than 24 hours later, President Donald Trump decided to chime in.

Trump on Arnold

For over a decade, Donald Trump was the host of "The Apprentice," which helped bring his name back into the mainstream. With his popularity back on the rise, Trump was able to use that momentum to start his campaign for president, which he ended up riding to the White House. In Trump's absence, the show needed to find a replacement, and went on to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to fill the role.

Since the start of the new season, ratings have dipped to new lows, which many, including Schwarzenegger, attribute to the backlash and low approval of the president who is currently sitting with less than a 40 percent approval for his job as president. After the former "Terminator" star decided to call it quits, Trump took to his Twitter account on March 4 to lash out.

In response to Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to quit the "Celebrity Apprentice," Donald Trump wasted no time accusing the actor of lying.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me," Trump wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning, before adding, "Sad end to great show."

The war of words between Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger has increased over the last few months.

The president took time out of his busy schedule to attack the former governor of California for the show's drop in success, going as far as using the annual National Prayer Breakfast to call for a prayer for the show to increase its ratings. In his own rebuttal, Schwarzenegger released a video on social media where he proposed that the two could switch jobs so Trump could try to get the ratings to increase.

Moving forward

Despite the increased backlash and growing scandal involving Russia, Donald Trump is somehow finding time to attack an action movie star and current host of a reality show. While it's unknown if Trump will continue his social media rants against Celebrities, it's expected that he won't be slowing down anytime soon.