For those struggling to lose weight, it's often not finding the perfect diet that's the problem. Instead, researchers have discovered that the real challenge for those on diets often stems from the ability to overcome cravings. Now a new study has revealed that a common drug used for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression may offer hope for easing weight-loss.

Enter Citalopram, the OCD pills that may help compulsive eaters

Scientists have discovered that a drug often prescribed for depression and OCD also can help dieters opt for healthy choices, reported the Daily Mail.

The new research trials showed that participants who took Citalopram were more apt to choose healthy foods such as fresh berries over fattening foods such as chocolate cookies.

Ivo Vlaev, professor of behavioral science at Warwick Business School, directed the new study. Vlaev indicated that the new research could be part of the answer to the obesity crisis by making it easier to follow a healthy diet. The new weight-loss research also could be used for eating disorders.

Drug could aid eating disorders and obesity

The professor who led the clinical trials revealed that the new discovery also has "implications for treating eating disorders." Vlaev said that when compared to placebos, Citalopram boosted "the number of choices for healthy foods made by people." Consequently, those dieters who take the drug are "more likely to make decisions based on health rather than taste," he added.

The researchers discovered that those who took Citalopram opted for healthy diet choices 60 percent of the time. In contrast, those on the placebo chose healthy diet choices only 45 percent of the time.

New study shows how fruits and veggies impact weight- loss

For those seeking specifics on what constitutes a healthy diet, a new weight-loss study revealed which fruits and vegetables are the best and worst for shedding pounds, reported the Daily Star.

While the new study recommends eating 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily for longevity, scientists also discovered that certain types of produce can actually deter weight-loss.

For those on diets, the new study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that sweet corn is the biggest culprit in the fruit and vegetable category.

Those who eat more corn are, on average, almost 2-and-a-half pounds heavier, according to the new research.

Berries give weight-loss boost

But corn isn't the only vegetable on the weight-loss hit list. When research participants ate peas, they gained an additional 1.1 pounds. Also flagged were potatoes, cabbage, onions and peaches, which according to the diet study are more apt to cause issues with weight- loss.

However, in the new study, researchers at Harvard also uncovered some positive news when it comes to which fruit helps boost weight- loss. Participants who ate blueberries lost an average of 1.38 pounds.