After weeks of watching April the pregnant Giraffe on the YouTube live stream cam set up by Animal Adventure Park, fans just learned that it's finally time for her to give birth. As April's baby daddy Oliver joined fans around the world in staring at the baby bump, the famous giraffe began pacing more as she prepared to go into active labor.

Giraffe shows signs of active labor

CBS News reported that more than 800,000 fans were watching April on Saturday morning and looking at signs that the birth of the baby giraffe was finally here. Although this is the famous giraffe's fourth baby, it is the first calf born at Animal Adventure Park, where she and Oliver the giraffe reside.

When the baby arrives, it will weigh about 150 pounds and be about 6 feet tall.

The zoo has been streaming YouTube live cam of the giraffe since early February. However, although the giraffe was banned for "nudity and sexual content” only two weeks later, it was soon restored. Since then, the giraffe has developed an audience of millions.

What's next for April and baby giraffes

Fans watching on YouTube will see April the giraffe deliver her baby hooves first, said the zoo. Next, comes the snout. April will give birth standing up, and fans along with Oliver the giraffe will welcome the baby within two hours of the hooves emerging, according to USA Today.

The zoo revealed that the entire birth process could occur in just 30 minutes.

When the baby arrives, it will fall 6 feet to the ground. But that fall plays a key role in the giraffe birth process by causing the amniotic sac to break. The baby's drop also cuts the umbilical cord and motivates the little calf to start breathing.

Oliver, the giraffe, welcomes his first baby

While April is an experienced celebrity mom at 15, her baby daddy Oliver will be a first-time daddy at 5-years-old.

He was Animal Adventure Park's first giraffe when he was moved there. Just four months after Oliver's arrival, April showed up in May 2015.

As for whether Oliver will help to raise his baby, it's the giraffe mom who has the role of bringing up baby naturally. Moreover, after the baby is weaned, the youngster will move to another facility.

The giraffe weaning process takes six to 12 months.

Because giraffes are viewed as "vulnerable" to extinction, the birth of April's baby is important. During the past three decades, giraffe population has dropped approximately 40 percent. After this famous baby giraffe is greeted by fans watching the YouTube live cam, a naming contest will be held.