The onstage brawl between Yandy, Samantha, Erika and a handful of people from the audience at the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" reunion show wasn't given a whole lot of airtime but it was pretty serious and Sam ended up getting injured during the melee. The experience has Mendeecees' baby mother number one so shook that she's even threatening to quit the show because she doesn't want to end up getting attacked again.

Where do all Mendeecees' women fit in?

When she was on the "LHHNY" reunion stage, Samantha says she thought that she would be working out her differences with Yandy and Erika would as well.

While she expected to have a conversation on the reunion show stage, she certainly wasn't expecting for someone from the audience to rush the stage and start beating her up.

Samantha Wallace admitted in an interview with VH1 that she thought that the three women were going to have a "moment of honesty" as they tried to untangle the mystery around who Mendeecees was dating and when. As the story goes, he was with Samantha for three years and during that time, he met Erika and had an affair. There's really no argument there.

When it comes to Yandy Smith's timeline, things get a little hazy. Yandy argues that there were no side chicks involved in her relationship with Mendeecees Harris. She argues that when Erika got pregnant with her son, it was during a time when she and Mendeecees had taken a break and weren't together.

Mendeecees said in a taped conversation from jail that he had unprotected sex with Erika one time and it was that one time that she got pregnant. That is why Erika's son is so close in age with Yandy's children.

Is Yandy Smith causing drama with the other mothers on purpose?

Samantha Wallace also took a few shots during the interview, charging that Yandy has been orchestrating a whole lot of drama while Mendeecees has been in jail.

She said that his mom, Judy, has also been instigating problems and has been very petty while her son has been lockd up. Samantha thinks that a lot of Yandy's drama has been pre-planned with Judy and even Kimbella.

Samantha takes an issue with reports that she was jumped on the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" Season 7 reunion show stage.

Instead, Sam says that producers did some creative editing to make it look like she was jumped. While previous reports say that Samantha Wallace had a bruised face, she said that she wasn't really all that injured and that someone just pulled her hair.

The bigger issue that both Samantha and Erika took with the reunion show brawl is that at least two people came up out of the audience to join in. Minutes later, Yandy Smith denied knowing who jumped on stage and put their hands on Samantha but in the reunion show footage, she is shown questioning about whether it was Keisha who charged the stage or not.

When it comes to Yandy, Samantha doesn't want anything else to do with her and says she won't sit down for a one on one again.

Instead, she half-heartedly suggested a boxing match so they can charge people to see them fight. It looks like even after the Season 7 reunion show for "LHHNY," Mendeecees Harris' baby mothers are still not getting along and now things are even worse than they ever were.