On the episode before last of "Black Ink Crew" on VH1, some guy just showed up at the studio to confront Sky and her response was really odd. When the unnamed visitor walked into Black Ink, Sky looked terrified and immediately got up from where she was sitting and took off. It turns out that the man in question was an ex-boyfriend of hers from 12 years ago that resurfaced out of nowhere to confront Sky but she didn't want any of it. Now fans want to know who this mystery guy is and what he wants with the heavily tatted receptionist.

Why was Sky so shook on 'Black Ink Crew'?

Last night, Sky talked briefly about the shocking encounter again. She said that she asked everyone at Black Ink to pretend the incident didn't even happen and so far, they are doing what she asked. There's no telling if the rest of the crew are respecting Sky's wishes because they know how serious the encounter was or if they're just scared that she'll freak out on them the way she did with Tiffany the tattoo artist. Everyone knows that when Sky has a grudge, whether founded or not, she'll go out of her way to be really obnoxious.

In any case, it turns out that the guy who turned up at Black Ink in the episode over a week ago is Baby Daddy number two.

Some fans may recall that Sky had two children that she gave up for adoption and she claims it was so they could have a better life. Well, baby daddy number one might have been cool with Sky's decision but there have been rumblings that the man we saw on "Black Ink Crew" the week before last is the other father of one of Sky's children and he may not be so happy about her decision to adopt his son out.

Is the mystery man the real father of one of Sky's sons?

As far as not talking about the incident, there are a few theories as to why she wants to keep the lid on the baby daddy conversation on "Black Ink Crew." Certainly, her sons are old enough to see their biological mom on the VH1 reality show and probably know who she is so keeping the adoption issue quiet is likely not the issue.

Not to mention that she has talked openly on the show about wanting to be back in her children's lives again at some point.

The real reason that Sky doesn't want anything to do with the man who visited her on "Black Ink Crew" is due to his claim to be the father of her second child. Last year, after Sky admitted to giving her sons up for adoption, he came forward and spoke to Fameolous about the adoption news. While we still aren't clear on the man's actual identity, he did claim to have proof in the form of a paternity test that one of Sky's children is also his.

"I never put my signature on any kind of adoption papers," Sky's ex-boyfriend said. "So I’m goin to keep digging and posting I just want to get to know my son yes we have made mistakes I forgive you and hopefully you can do the same."

Despite all the hype about Sky being so open about her past, she still hasn't responded to claims that Dessalines Days, who was featured in an episode of "Black Ink Crew" is not the father of both of her sons, nor has she talked at all about this other man and his claims that he did not consent to the adoption of his child.

Just because this man left Black Ink after talking to Walt a couple of episodes back on "Black Ink Crew" doesn't necessarily mean that he won't be back. Do you think Sky should confront him and tell everyone what is really going on?