Leah Messer is quite the odd girl out on "Teen Mom 2" this time. Two of her co-stars delivered babies in January, and the other one just announced she was expecting her third child. With everyone in the cast expanding their family, isn't it time for Messer to add one more as well?

Is Leah pregnant?

Despite what some news outlets have reported, Leah Messer is not pregnant. There was some confusion due to a Facebook video that was posted where her young daughter ran up and whispered to Leah to "tell them about the baby in your belly." It had everyone talking, especially when Messer decided to delete the video within minutes after it happened.

Immediately social media was blowing up, and people were speculating on whether or not there would be another "Teen Mom 2" baby.

It turns out that Leah Messer commented on the rumor on Twitter. She answered her fans and told them she was not expecting, and in fact had an IUD put in. While that may be a little bit more information than some would have wanted, she put it all out there. Also, she let it be known that her sex life is lacking as in there is not one. At least she can poke fun at herself in the middle of the rumors that circulate through social media.

No more babies

Right now, Leah Messer isn't interested in raising any more children. She currently has three little girls, the twins, and Addie.

It is hard to juggle all three and deal with co-parenting with both Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert. Some of the struggles have been shown on "Teen Mom 2," especially when Leah was trying to plan a trip for the girls and had to let their fathers know where they'd be. Messer has not talked about whether she wants more kids in the future but right now, no more babies for her.

Rumors are nothing new for Leah Messer to deal with. She has been caught in the middle of several things since joining the realm of reality television, and it appears there will be more to come. Messer is good about not commenting on most things but this one, it was definitely something she wanted to clear the air on.