Abby Lee Miller has been known as a first-class dance instructor and “Dance Moms” host since 2011. In fact, some say that the reality television series won’t last this long if it is not for the 50-year-old choreographer.

However, Maddie Zigler and Chloe Lukasiak’s coach is now facing a serious legal battle. With that, some fear what will be the future of “Dance Moms” Season 8, especially now that that seventh installment is about to come to an end.

Show affected by Abby Lee Miller’s controversies

There’s a big possibility that the director and owner of Reign Dance Productions might end up in jail because of the legal woes she’s facing.

Hence, this might have a strong impact in the next “Dance Moms” Season 8.

However, Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing hearing has been postponed and rescheduled for some unknown reason. Therefore, this might be the best time that Lifetime should rush up to film more episodes of its reality show.

The eighth installment of the reality series depends on Abby Lee Miller’s court sentence

Moreover, it looks like Lifetime is also waiting for the founder of the Abby Lee Dance Company’s verdict for the future of its television series. It has been said that the second half of “Dance Moms” Season 7 is now in the works, but no details yet for its eighth chapter.

If her ruling is pushed back in the time that the seventh season already ends and the next chapter is about to start, Lifetime might just delay its production and airing until she completes her sentence.

According to reports, the maximum degree of her guilty plea is two and a half years, but her legal team will inevitably ask for less serving time.

New date for Abby Lee Miller’s court hearing

After the hearing had been canceled on February 24, the “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” judge set a new date. Her sentencing will now be moved on March 8, and another hearing could happen on March 9 in case they still need more time for a deliberation.

Abby Lee Miller now has guaranteed one week of freedom. In fact, before the hearing was canceled, she went to Mexico for “business purposes.”