Mary J. Blige is still battling her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs in court in a bid to finish up their divorce settlement and move on with her life. It looks like Isaacs is trying to get as much money out of the divorce as he can, which comes as a surprise to no one based on his actions since splitting with the famous R&B singer. Isaacs recently filed paperwork with the court, requesting spousal support payments from Blige that total more than $100k per month.

Kendu Isaacs breaks down his living expenses

Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs don't have any children together so there are no child support issues involved in their nasty divorce battle.

That hasn't stopped Mary J.'s ex-husband from trying to take her to the cleaners, demanding a pretty shocking amount of spousal support from the superstar.

To make this divorce drama even more shocking, Kendu Isaacs, who claims that Mary J. Blige supported him during their marriage and therefore, owes him something in their divorce, wants part of that money to give to his parents. In divorce documents filed by Kendu, he broke down his monthly living expenses and that alone has people talking about what is necessary and how much he's just trying to get from Mary J. Blige as he makes his exit.

In the filing, Kendu Isaacs claims that he gives his parent's $5000 per month and also has to pay nearly another $5000 per month for the care of his two children from a previous marriage.

This begs the question, how is that Mary J. Blige's problem?

By the way, there was a prenuptial agreement

Despite being unemployed since Mary J. fired him from being her manager, Isaacs also detailed his costs for eating out and for groceries, which together could feed a large family. He also wants her to cover his cost of paying a housekeeper, $60k in back rent that he owes as well as his costs for buying and maintaining cars.

Even though Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige have been separated and he has been out of a job for well over a year now, he claims that due to his profession, it is taking him a long time to find work. Because of that, he is also asking for temporary spousal support to keep him afloat until a permanent order can be made.

Now here's the real shocker...

Kendu Isaacs signed a prenup two days before he married Mary J. Blige. Now he is asking the judge to disregard that prenup and consider his extravagant monetary request because he didn't understand the document when he signed it.

Do you think, prenup or not, that Mary J. Blige should be on the hook for spousal support in excess of $100k per month for Kendu Isaacs? Sound off in the comments section below.