Mechelle Epps is looking for a pretty hefty Spousal Support check from her ex-husband Mike Epps. The reason behind her request for a whopping $109k per month in spousal support and Child support is pretty entertaining too. It turns out that Mechelle is petitioning the court for the huge amount of money because she claims that at 36-years old, she's too old to work. Too bad that excuse doesn't work for everybody. Then again, it might not work for her either.

Mike Epps makes a lot of money and Mechelle is getting some of it

Mechelle claims that Mike Epps is pulling in about $3.5 million per year from his acting gigs.

She also has accused him of completely cutting her off financially in the wake of their divorce. Mechelle charges that Mike blocked access to their bank accounts and credit cards and that she has no income to fall back on.

Mechelle and Mike Epps were married for more than a decade and they have two children together. That means Mechelle will be receiving some child support and probably spousal support too. However, many are criticizing her for claiming that at 36-years old, she is too old to work and therefore, deserves a larger amount of money.

Mechelle breaks down the cost of her current lifestyle

In the breakdown of what Mechelle Epps claims it will cost to raise her daughters, she admits to spending thousands of dollars each month just on clothes and shoes for the girls.

She also highlighted the cost of having the girls' hair done regularly at what some might think is a rather expensive salon as well as $72k per year to pay for her daughters' private schooling. In addition to $109k per month in spousal and child support, Mechelle Epps also wants to stay in the family home.

Mike Epps is the one who initially filed for divorce back in January 2016.

So far, there has been no divorce settlement reached and from the way things are looking now, it's probably going to get pretty ugly before things get better concerned Mechelle Epps and her $109k per month spousal and child support demands.