Farrah Abraham is at it again, the "#Teen Mom OG" star is suffering some major online backlash from her followers over the crazy outlandish birthday bash she recently threw for her eight-year-old daughter Sophia. As if throwing an over-the-top birthday party for a kid wasn't bad enough, the reality star mom held the "slumber party" on a school night!

When will Farrah Abraham learn?

Oh, the horror! "Slumber party on a school night." Abraham captioned an Instagram photo of Sophia with friends. "8 years old I can't believe it."

Farrah is not the only one who couldn't believe it, but in all honesty, anyone even remotely acquainted with the questionable parenting tactics of the "Teen Mom" is not really all that surprised.

Throughout the years it has always been anything, no matter how questionable and/or over-the-top that will gain any form of attention, good or bad for the celebrity status-seeking reality TV mom.

'Teen Mom' star daughter's birthday for publicity?

Abraham was pretty much attacked instantly online with those asking if she was "proud" to be hosting a slumber party for little kids on a school night? Another nasty poster asked, "What idiot parent throws a birthday party (and a sleepover at that) on a school night? The parents that let their kid go are even worse."

Now that you know that Abraham's followers are not too accepting of the school-night slumber party, get a load of what else went down during Sophia's big night.

The event was red-carpeted, and decked out with a super high-profile theme, ponies, and a birthday cake that make some wedding cakes look like Easy-Bake Oven attempts gone bad.

Now we need to remember that Sophia is only a kid, it is her mom that is in charge of the world in which she lives. That being said, it has always been all about the show for Farrah, who has been called out more times than not for her lack of "proper-parenting" choices.

Some of those choices included allowing Sophia to drink weight-loss teas, wear full-on makeup, and have access to social media sites, engaging users in conversation while sharing personal information with them such as her cell phone number, photos, and home address.

What are your thoughts on "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham's latest parenting blunders?