Simone Biles really wants that Mirrorball Trophy. The gymnast has been preparing for season 24 of "Dancing With the Stars." She's been working so hard that she already has a diet and fitness regimen in place. She is already use to intense training since she took part in the Rio Summer Olympics. So, practicing a few hours per day for the popular dance competition series is not as big of a deal. That doesn't mean that Simone doesn't want to win though.

Olympic gymnast feeling sore from "DWTS" training

Simone Biles spoke to People about her intense training for "DWTS." She has a competitive spirit since she's been training her whole life for the Olympics.

The difference with practicing for "Dancing With the Stars" is that she won't get to repeat the same routines. She will get thrown off by a new routine every week or so. After her first five-hour dancing session, she admits that she's already feeling a little sore.

She collaborated with Kellog's to help raise money and create awareness for No Kid Hungry for the Buckets for Breakfast ad campaign. When it comes to her own diet, however, she is sticking to doing what she knows. Simone Biles is not going on a fad diet or starving herself to win "Dancing With the Stars." She already feels that she is in great shape from the Olympics. She will continue to start her day with healthy and filling foods such as oatmeal, egg whites, and fruit.

Simone Biles is the face of Kellogs' new campaign

That doesn't mean the 19-year-old loves to eat fast food. Simone Biles enjoys eating McDonald's and ice cream every so often. She believes that having cheat days will continue even when she's still performing on the show. She's just a teen, after all. When it comes to her cheat days, she will often turn to candy, cookies, or cake-flavored frozen yogurt, according to the magazine.

She took a break from her "Dancing With the Stars" training on Friday, March 3 to visit students from Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School at her family's spring gymnastic center, as part of her Buckets for Breakfast campaign. Simone Biles has also done community work with foster children and youth with life-threatening diseases. She feels that gymnast has given her the platform to support organizations and work with youth.