Since the election of Donald Trump, critics have not held back their thoughts of the new president. After a week that included Trump's first speech to Congress and more news exposing the president's ties to Russia, comedian Bill Maher decided to chime in.

Maher on Trump

During the 2016 presidential election, the candidacy of Donald Trump was first thought of as nothing more than a joke. The former host of "The Apprentice" was able to defy the odds, moving past the Republican primary and then defeated Hillary Clinton to become the new president. Since then, Trump's time in the White House has been marred by constant controversy, including what influence Russia had on his campaign, and what role they currently play in his administration.

In addition, Trump has made several controversial political proposals that have come under fire. These issues and more were highlighted during the March 3 edition of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

In routine fashion, host Bill Maher kicked of Friday's show with an opening monologue and he didn't hold back his criticisms of Donald Trump. "This Russian spy novel we all have been reading sure turned out to be a real page turner," Maher said. "The National Security Advisor had to step down because he was lying about talking to the Russians," Maher pointed out, before adding, "Now the attorney general, a 1000-year-old cracker named Jeff Sessions, had to recuse himself from the investigation." Not stopping there, Maher mockingly asked, "Does Trump know anyone who doesn't talk to the Russians?" before noting, "it's like six-degrees of Kevin Putin."

Bill Maher continued to rip into Donald Trump, highlighting the aforementioned scandal involving the Kremlin.

"They meet with the Russians more than the Olympic doping committee," Maher joked, while adding, "the National Security Advisor, his campaign manager, his son-in-law, and now his attorney general have met with the ambassador to Russia."

"Trump is pissed off because all this Russia talk poured cold water on his his big day," Bill Maher said, before the comedian referred to the president as "Potty train Trump." The liberal atheist host continued to put his foot on the gas, trolling the commander in chief for getting praise from the media for reading off a teleprompter.

"He read words off a teleprompter in front of adults," he said, before stating it's "the same thing the Olsen twins did when they were seven." In closing, Maher said, "it was an hour of mostly bullsh*t. They said he lied 51 times, which was low for him."

Moving forward

As Bill Maher continues to pull no punches in his attack on Donald Trump, the divide between the political left and right, as well as the media doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. While Trump has only been in office for just over a month, the tension in the White House has reached a fever pitch, with critics ready to pounce at any minute.