Jill Duggar Dillard, husband Derick, and their adorable son Israel, are back on the mission field. They have made Central America their home, only coming back to Arkansas to visit family and to take care of business. They left to go back last week after a long visit in the states and have already given fans an update on the Dillard Family website on how they are doing since arriving back.

Settling back in

On the Dillard's blog, they said that the friends that they had made there were so excited to have them back that they had decorated their house with balloons and had a sign to welcome them back as well.

Jill has been getting their house livable again and has even been baking some banana bread for gifts. Of course, they had to restock their groceries since they have been gone for months. They look like they live pretty far out, so a trip to the store is not something that is a quick jot like back in Arkansas.

How is little Israel adjusting to life back on the mission field? The Duggar daughter mentioned that he is finding the surroundings quite familiar. He has discovered his toys that he had to leave behind, so that is probably comforting for the little guy as well. Unfortunately, both he and his mom have been battling colds. Israel even came down with an eye infection, but he is doing better now.

Reminder of dangers of living in that area

Duggar fans had seen Jill Dillard crying on a special episode of "Counting On" last year as she talked about the dangerous living in parts of Central America close to where they are. She once again mentioned those same dangers in their update. One of the biggest threats there are dangerous gangs that are known for hurting people.

This was evident as the reality star told the story of a friend of Derick's who had been shot as he was working on his truck. She didn't say how long ago that was, but he is now paralyzed from that incident.

They will be headed to a village that Jill says is known for violence. They have been there before as they continue to help, care for, and minister the people there.

It's no wonder the Duggar family are worried about their safety. Jill also mentioned having to be prepared for and to be diligent about such things as diseases and accidents that could occur in their rural area home. They have already been bitten by fire ants and Israel also got a burn on his hand from the instant hot water dispenser. The good news is that everyone is okay.

Good times for the Dillard family

While there is plenty of danger that lurks in Central America, Jill and Derick are still happy doing the things they love to do, like going to church.

They shared some photos with Duggar fans of things they have done since they returned. Israel has been having a great time hanging out with his little friends, as well as sharing a moment with a new friend. He discovered a cow lying down right beneath their front porch. How cute is that? They are certainly not in Arkansas anymore.

Jill is also pregnant with baby number two, so they will be coming back to the states in the summer in order to have the baby. However, they are still planning on going back to the mission field with their newborn if all goes well. What are your thoughts on this long update that Jill Duggar Dillard has written?