Netflix has been a grand success, built on the back of brilliant shows like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black." The creator of the latter show is back on the network with another fascinating female-driven dramedy, and it has been titled “G.L.O.W."

Wrestling their way to the top

The plot of this series will be centered on real-life events that occurred back in the 80’s. During this period, a female wrestling league was established by women in Las Vegas in order to help them further their careers in the field of entertainment. Most of these women had no prior experience in this field, and mostly hailed from varied backgrounds such as acting, dancing and modelling.

The women decided to skew the existing culture in wrestling that was being pioneered by the WWF at the time, by creating G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) as a type of wrestling-themed television show. It was created in seasons instead of weekly episodes, and ran for four years between 1986 and 1990.

The cast that has been signed on for this show is quite exciting and includes the likes of Alison Brie ("Community," "Mad Men"), Betty Gilpin ("Nurse Jackie") and March Maron ("WTF with Marc Maron"). The executive producers of this show are Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann, while the showrunners will be co-creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensh.

Fighting the good fight

The central character of the series will be Ruth Wilder, played by Alison Brie.

She is a struggling actress, working toward making a mark in the entertainment industry in the 80’s. After several failed projects, she sets her sights towardsthe glamorous and exciting world of women’s wrestling. In this field, she encounters 12 other women who share unique backgrounds but have been thrust into a similar world due to circumstances.

Marc Maron’s Sam Sylvia will be the man at the helm of “G.L.O.W," attempting to keep the women organized and simultaneously lead them to the stardom they so desperately seek. He is a former B-grade director who is also attempting to turn his life around using the wrestling league.

The show has a solid and fascinating premise, and it is easy to see it develop into an intriguing and unique show on Netflix. The fact that this area of entertainment remains unexplored acts as an added motivation for fans to tune in. The show will be available on Netflix on June 23rd, 2017. You can catch the teaser below: