The process of incubating eggs in “Pokemon Go” has become one of the most exciting parts of the game. But in some occasions, it could be a bit frustrating for players, which is the case during special events where the eggs reproduce more actively. Sometimes, it is very difficult for users to decide what to do when they only have one incubator, and it is even more difficult when the egg needs a few levels to achieve the next step. On repeated occasions, players are faced with the difficult decision of on whether to decide to increase speed through the eggs of 2 km getting to acquire this new experience or if go directly from a 10 Km egg to achieve the hatch in place, of course that the second step is more difficult than the first one.

Next, we share with you a new update on the possibilities of hatching the Pokémon you want from a 10 km egg in the new Gen 2. Let's see.

New chances of hatching new 10km Pokémon like Mareep and Larvitar

If you have any doubts or if you are curious about what will you get or would come out from. Next, we share with you a new list of those 10 km eggs and your chances of hatching new 10 km Pokémon like Mareep and Larvitar.

  • Pineco 110 22.7%
  • Dratini 98 20.2%
  • Mantine 50 10.3%
  • Gilgar 49 10.1%
  • Larvitar 48 9.9%
  • Sudowoodo 31 6.4%
  • Chansey 18 3.7%
  • Mareep 18 3.7%
  • Aerodactyl 16 3.3%
  • Lapras 3.1%
  • Skarmory 14 2.9%
  • Snorlax 12 2.5%
  • Miltank 6 1.2%

If we look at the numbers on the list, there are certain details to take into account.

Such is the case with the Pokemon (Pineco), which, although not very exciting, should be valued for being part of the Gen 2 when it comes to obtaining and accumulating candy. Another point to take into account is the new possibility of obtaining a Dratini and the 10% chance of getting a (Lavitar), whose evolution in (Tyranitar) has become one of the most appreciated creatures of "Pokemon Go" in Gen 2.

Blissey and Snorlax chances

If you expect to get a Blissey or a Snorlax, you probably have to store a bunch of eggs to even get them with their respective 4% and 2.5% chance of coming oyr. Another Pokemon of the Gen 2 is Ampharos, which evolves from Mareep, is equally rare, with a 4% chance of coming out of an egg.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.