After making a significant mark in the realm of television, Netflix has now firmly turned its sights towards creating original feature films. We were recently given a trailer to the fascinating sci-fi film “The Discovery," and now the network has launched a new trailer for will smith’s film “Bright."

Team 'Bright'

Will Smith and David Ayer will be teaming up once again in order to bring us this film. The last time the duo came together, we got the underwhelming “Suicide Squad," but hopefully the talented team will put their potential to better use this time around.

The screenwriter for this film is Max Landis, the genius mind behind the low-key hit “Chronicle." The film made significant waves despite being shot on a shoe-string budget, and one of the reasons behind its popularity was the strength of its script. Landis will hopefully work a similar magic this time round as well.

Joining Will Smith in this movie is an able cast that includes Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, and Edgar Ramirez. They may not be big names, but they have contributed with high caliber work in the past.

Deciphering the plot

If you have watched the trailer, then you might have not gathered much due to its secretive nature. From what we understand so far, “Bright” is set in a fictional world where human beings and beings with magical abilities live side by side, trying their best to make things work.

The law enforcement units in this world include humans and magical beings working with each other in order to maintain order in the turbulent cities. Will Smith plays a human being working with Joel Edgerton’s magical Orc in order to solve a mystery that is of vital importance. Looks like Will Smith is going to save the world -- again.

The plot definitely sounds fascinating, and Netflix even invested a cool $90 in order to bring the script to life. This is officially one of the biggest projects in terms of investment in Netflix's short but illustrious history. We will have to wait until December 2017 to find out if this investment pays off or not.