Jenelle Evans has been a busy little bee. She has been dropping hints about an upcoming book and the details have finally been revealed. Other "Teen Mom" franchise co-stars have also penned books, some more than one. Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Kailyn Lowry are all authors. Jenelle wanted to get in on the fun and will debut her book this summer.

With everything going on in her life, a book is her answer for telling her side of what has been seen on cameras. Jenelle Evans reportedly had a rough childhood, one plagued with different forms of abuse.

Fans have judged her harshly, and she is ready to let people have a look into the journey she has traveled and give an overview of where she is headed.

Book title and release date

According to The Ashley, Jenelle Evans will be releasing her first book on July 25, 2017. It is currently available for pre-order if fans want to be the first to get a copy. It is titled, "Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom." Jenelle had a co-author, someone who helped organize her thoughts and put together the pages from several of her old diaries. She will talk about a lot of her childhood experiences, many of which were traumatic.

There is speculation that a lot of it will be to try and discredit Barbara Evans while the two are still battling it out in court.

Jenelle seems to blame her mother for a lot and while there may be things that were unfortunate that happened, Barbara stepped up to raise Jace when Jenelle believed partying was more important than raising her son.

Where does Jenelle stand now with MTV?

As of now, Jenelle Evans is still employed by MTV. They will also get a portion of the money the book makes as they have with the girls who published books before her.

Evans has been in competition with the others in the franchise, Chelsea specifically. The beef has been heavy between them and if Chelsea decided to write a book now, things would escalate. Jenelle wants her moment to shine and right now, she believes this book release in July is it.