Jenelle Evans is constantly being talked about. From her relationship status to her parenting skills, there is nothing that is off limits for the "Teen Mom 2" star. Last night, she was busy deflecting comments about how she behaved on the season finale of the show. Evans is one of the most disliked stars from the franchise and last night's episode did not do her any favors.

Things in the romance department might be rocky for Jenelle Evans. Her soon-to-be husband, David Eason disappeared from social media at some point over the weekend. Speculations have been swirling that he vanished because there is drama happening between the couple.

Could these two be split just weeks after welcoming their first child together?

Status of Jenelle and David

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are still together. She was retweeting compliments about him as "Teen Mom 2" was airing last night. There has been no information about why he has been off social media, but speculation is that he was tired of the haters. He reportedly blocked comments on his Instagram page shortly before he disappeared.

During the episode last night, David Eason was protective of Jenelle Evans when he felt she was mistreated. In fact, he was ready to physically fight the "Teen Mom 2" crew that was trying to stop them from leaving with Jace.

There was plenty of drama but it was clear Eason is definitely all in when it comes to Evans.

Wedding plans

There has not been a lot of talk about the wedding planning from Jenelle Evans. This will not be her first marriage but this time, it will probably be done right. David Eason will likely want it to be a big deal, maybe even filmed by the "Teen Mom 2" cameras like others have allowed in the past.

Fans expect it to happen this year or early 2018 and have been waiting for a date since their engagement was announced.

Despite the reports that are indicating there is trouble in paradise for Jenelle Evans and David Eason, things are still going smooth. The couple is still planning to get married and raise their blended family together.