An 87-year-old woman is a fan of George Clooney, and she talks about him every day. A large photo of him is kept on her night stand so she can look at it often. When people at her Assisted Living Facility found out about the woman's love for Clooney, they sent an invitation to the famous actor inviting him to visit Pat Adams on her Birthday.

Staff members said if he could visit the woman at Sunrise Senior Living in the United Kingdom, it would make Adam's wish come true. Pat had wished repeatedly through the facility's “Wish Upon a Star” program that she could meet george clooney.

Her caregivers thought it would be easy for him because the popular actor owns a house near the Berkshire facility.

Clooney's surprise

When people at the facility didn't hear back from Clooney, they were surprised when he showed up last Sunday with a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a handwritten card for Pat. When Adams was told that Clooney was there to see her, she thought they were kidding. Then George walked in and handed her the flowers. The 55-year-old celebrity was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. He reached down, put his arms around the birthday girl, and she was thrilled.

Linda Jones, a staff member, posted a picture of herself, the actor and Adams on Facebook. Jones wrote along with the photo that Adams loves George Clooney.

Others described Adams as a lucky lady to have gotten the surprise visit from Clooney.

After meeting Clooney

The visit from Clooney lasted about 15 minutes. After Adams met her idol, she said she was very happy. She mentioned that she loved the flowers, but they will eventually die. However, the sweet message Clooney wrote on the card would last.

Adams later described Clooney as charming and said he was as nice as she thought he would be. She indicated that she would treasure the card he gave her. Pat also said she would like for Clooney to come back with his twins once they are born. When asked what she would wish for her next birthday, her answer did not surprise anyone when she simply said, "George Clooney."